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When I hear the name Phoenix Marie, the very first word that pops into my head is "ass." Why? Watch this scene and find out for yourself! Nice, plump, round and jiggly, few things in the world of porn look better than Phoenix Marie's big bulbous butt while it's in motion! See full-length episode at


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There are many couples that like to record porn videos of themselves, but to be honest, these two really know how to make it interesting. Hot and horny, this MILF knows what pleases her man. That’s why he doesn’t let go of her mouth for so long. Just hit the play button to see what a great cock sucker she is. All this time they’ve been together she found out that after sucking his cock the way it should be sucked, he would get to fuck her as hard as she likes it. Guys, this is the type of video that you have got to show it to your wives and girlfriends. They would like to see a girl moan and scream like that. They will get the idea that they have to do a good blowjob for that.Damn… just look at how hot this video is as this MILF’s hot ass is getting banged from behind.

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Before getting down to business, Sabrina Rose spends a little time bouncing her incredible titties around for the camera. That's nice and all, but for my money, the real show doesn't start until those titties are swaying in synchronicity with the serious ass-pounding she takes from Frank's enormous cock! See full-length episode at

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If you like 'em blond, slutty and just a *little* pudgy around the midriff, then Barbara here is your kind of gal. After fingering herself to warm up, Barbara sucks and rides Nick's dick until he dribbles a hot load right into her eager mouth! See full-length episode at

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Sweet Innocence

Caty Campbell isn't the most talkative girl, but her body speaks for itself. It says: "Fuck my pussy, then my ass, then cum in my mouth." OK, Caty's body.... if you *insist* I suppose all of that can be arranged. See full-length episode at

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This 21 year-old from Budapest may not *look* like the sort of girl who would eagerly suck off four dudes at once, but she definitely IS that kind of girl. Hell, even a chain link fence can't keep this nasty cutie away from the quartet of cocks that await her! See full-length episode at

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Regina is finally old enough to drink, having just reached her 21st birthday. We had her over to "do some shots," but there's no alcohol involved; just hot, sticky sperm! That works for Regina, who swoons with ecstasy as each load spurts across her pretty face! See full-length episode at

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Where do I find a maid like this? All the maids I've had were over 50, overweight, and not all that inclined to suck my cock, quite frankly. Oh well -- at least Jasmine here is willing to do not only windows, but anal as well. It's also pretty convenient that she accepts payment in the form of cum in her mouth! See full-length episode at

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